About Us

We are Cocoa Farmers Association Of Nigeria

Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria (CFAN) is the umbrella body for the smallholder Cocoa Farmers in all the Cocoa communities, regions and states in Nigeria. The formation of the Association came up when it was noticed that existing Cocoa farmers Associations/ Cooperatives in Nigeria then were disorganized and lack coordinating structure. Thus, the need to protect the interest of the smallholder Cocoa Farmers via a big umbrella led to the formation of CFAN in Nigeria in November 25th 1999 at International Conference Centre, Abuja. The following Cocoa producing states pioneered the formation of the Association and also jointly participated in the First National Executives Elections that took place in premier Hotels, Ibadan, Oyo State in the year 2000; Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo, Osun, Kwara, Cross River, Abia, Kogi, Ogun, Edo, Kwara and Akwa-Ibom States. The Association is guided by a constitution lodged at the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Abuja and Cocoa Farmers Association is run by a president, one Deputy President, Three Vice President representing each Cocoa region and seven other National Officers that were duely elected.

Our Aimsand Objectives
To protect the socio – economic interests of members nationwide
To rehabilitate aging cocoa trees with improved and latest agro-chemical and modern technological practices for increased cocoa output
To ensure high quality of cocoa produce in Nigeria and minimize post harvest loses
To engage in sourcing, procurement and distribution of high quality inputs at affordable prices and at the right time for members nationwide
To encourage mutual self-help among members and assist in securing loans at low interest rates and grants-in-aid from both national and international organizations
To have rapport with any organization with similar objectives internationality
To provide forum for exchange of ideas among farmers and between farmers and all other bodies in the development of cocoa production in Nigeria
To encourage members to always seek advice from the government Extension Agencies for the applications of research findings on Cocoa development
To represent cocoa farmers on all States, National and International Bodies, For a, Seminars, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, etc
To ensure market outlets and best prices for members produce and ensure maximum margin for members from their cocoa sales
To protect members against middlemen exploitation
To give necessary Local, National and International Information and coordination towards profitable sale and disposal of farmers products
To liase and encourage private investors to invest in Cocoa allied processing / industrial production
Organize professional training for farmers through seminars, workshops, conferences and demonstrations to cocoa farmers
To encourage members in keeping good records of cost of production for the purpose of data collection and determining profitable prices for their produce
To have significant input into all Federal, State and Local Governments’ policies on cocoa production in Nigeria for the greater benefits of cocoa farmers and all Nigerians
To encourage and advise governments to give input support to farmers in accordance with the trend in developing and developed countries
In a situation of government neglecting to protect the farmers’ the Association shall be a buyer of last resort to protect cocoa farmers against glut and ridiculous low price
To procure inputs from domestic and or international markets to protect cocoa farmers from the exploitation of middlemen
To support all government and international positive policies for the promotion of cocoa production and cocoa farmers interests
To undertake other functions that shall promote cocoa development and production in Nigeria and defend cocoa farmers interest generally